I see a lot of interesting things while I'm exploring Boise, and some I just feel compelled to show you. Enjoy!

Boise in Neon - A Different Kind of Red Light District

Take a drive around town after dark and you're bound to see all kinds of neat things, including the neon glow of various signs. Here's my ongoing collection of some of the more interesting neon signs in Boise.

Larry Craig's Biggest Fan - Unashamed or Fashion Statement?

If your favorite politician gets busted playing footsie with another dude, you might want to remove your bumper sticker.

North End Stonehenge - You Could Have One Too

North Enders come up with creative ways to solve problems. Here's one with a pagan twist.

World's Largest Potato - We're Gonna Need a Bigger Oven

If you've lived in Idaho long enough, this shouldn't surprise you. In fact, you probably wonder why it's taken this long for it to happen.

The SHAT - Something You Probably Can't Get at the Mall

Be careful which hat you wear to your semi-private recreation spot. Your pal Crandal just might be watching.

I'm Not Riding Your Ass, Dude - But I Am Laughing At It

People have all sorts of interesting stickers on their cars. This one had a rude surprise.

High Art - It Must Be Abstract or Something

The top of a hill is not where you expect to find a couple of artistic punk-rock girls. But the camera does love them.

Deluxe Molester Van - Terrifying Parents Since 1977

If you're below the age of 15 and you see this van, run for your life.

Whole Lotta Crack - Yep, Cracklin' Rosie Makes Me Smile

Does anybody need a plumber? I think I saw a good one recently.

Drunk and Disorderly? - Yes and Yes

What's a good festival without a few good Drunk-and-Disorderly arrests by Boise's Finest?

The VanaBull - Coming to a Neighborhood Near You (If You're Lucky)

Do you have a set of bull horns? Do you also have a Vanagon? If so, you too could have your very own VanaBull.

Jesus Freak on 8th Street - Am I the Only One Who Enjoys Them?

Don't just ignore these guys; stop and enjoy the show. It's audience participation at its best.

The High Wheeler - Beware the Header

Nothing can prepare you for the sight of a dapper chap pedaling his way down a Boise thoroughfare on a high wheel bike.

MacGyver Was Here - Saving the Day Like Always

There's something to be said about a little ingenuity. Unfortunately, not all ingenuity is created equal.

What Cowgirls Need - It Surely Ain't Privacy

Do you know what it takes to keep a cowgirl happy? You do now.

NRA Lover - Keeping You Safe, I Guess, or Not

Charlton Heston loved the NRA. Charlton Heston has nothing on this guy.