Looking for a place to spend the afternoon? Here are some suggestions. They're guaranteed to be famous within a fifty-mile radius from Boise, Idaho.

Zoo Boise - The Safest Way to See Lions, Tigers, and Bears

Take an hour or two and get lost in Boise's urban jungle. Just don't touch the poison dart frogs.

Boise GAR Hall - Where Old Soldiers Told Old Stories

What do the GAR Hall, hookers, and Memorial Day have to do with each other? Let me tell you.

Boise Art Museum - Love It or Hate It, It's All We've Got

You might be able to expand your horizons here, just don't take any photographs to remember your visit.

Boise WaterShed - The Best Liquid Education Around

If you like clean water, here's where everyone can learn how to keep it clean.

Lugenbeel Camp Historic Monument - Boise's Bassackwards Monument

Here's your chance to see a historical marker that has nearly been lost to time and road construction.

MK Nature Center - Fish, Fur, Fowl, and Fun

If you want to teach your kids about streams, beavers, and the cycle of life, this is a great place. Just remember not to stare at the wood ducks; it makes them angry.

Idaho State Capitol Building - The Government's Own Pleasure Dome

If you think the Capitol is all about the fancy rotunda and the cushy seats, wait until we tell you about the mustaches and cowboy hats.

Initial Point - Idaho's Fortress of Solitude

Why should anyone care about a survey marker out in the middle of the desert? If you ever have a property-line dispute with your neighbor you'll find out why.

Julia Davis Rose Garden - Can't Beat That Rosy Smell

Is this Boise's most romantic place? It sure smells like it.

Fort Boise Military Cemetery - A Quiet Place for Old Bones

If you've ever wanted to meet some Indian fighters, here is a good place to do it.

Idaho Botanical Garden - A Healthy Escape

This site has always been a destination. It's just that now people escape to it instead of from it.

Idaho Black History Museum - Yes, We Have One

Contrary to popular belief, this museum is not contained in a Samsonite suitcase. If you're looking for an interesting weekend diversion, this is your place.

Idaho Historical Museum - Don't Feed the Two-Headed Cow

No, museums are not boring. Especially when they have the best bar in town hidden inside.

Oregon Trail Recreation Area - Park Your Conestoga and Learn Something

If you want to learn about how folks used to travel in these parts, this is the place to go. Just make sure you don't put the car in reverse at the wrong time.

O'Farrell Cabin - A Little Bit of Irish in Boise

Do you think this would be a good place to be shacked up for seven years? It worked for the O'Farrells.

Old US Assay Office - Idaho's First Piggy Bank

Is it pronounced a-say or ass-ay? Who cares. It's funny either way.

Boise Depot - Still Waiting on a Train

Even though the choo-choo no longer stops in Boise, the Depot is still worth visiting. The view is great, Larry was there, and they have a Wonkavator!

Table Rock Overlook - The Best Place to Look Down on B-Town

No matter how you get up there or what you think about the big white cross, there's no controversy about the view.

World Center for Birds of Prey - Yes, They Have Large Talons

Take a short little trip and learn all about birds that like to kill things. It just might give you an idea how to solve that snake, pigeon, or cat problem.

Bonneville Point - See What Captain Benji Saw

What does this windswept hilltop east of town have to do with how Boise got its name? Why is it the best place to begin a tour of Boise? Read on and find out.

Old Idaho Penitentiary - Our Own Little Shawshank

Spend an afternoon looking around a place where hard time was, well, hard. You might even see the ghosts of Andy, Red, and Boggs.