Have a hankerin' for a good festival or event in the Boise area? Here's a list of shindigs and goings-on that I recommend.

Rocky Mountain Oyster Feed - Nuttin' But a Good Time

Come on, live a little! They're actually really tasty and high in Vitamin C, so you won't get scurvy.

Capital City Cruise - Big Engines, Bright Colors, and Carbon Monoxide

Head downtown for the largest car show in the state. Just make sure you heed my proven words of wisdom.

Capital City Public Market - Still the Place to Hang on Saturday Morning

The market looks a little different this year, but you can still find David Crosby there. I find that comforting, don't you?

Alive After Five - Where the Best Show Ain't on Stage

Get out of the office on time and enjoy a summer humpday evening on The Grove. There's live music to be heard and socializing to be done.

Boise Twilight Criterium - A Year's Worth of Spandex in One Night

For one evening every July, men with shaved legs, spandex suits, and prostate compression take over Downtown Boise. And it is good.

Tour de Fat - Beer, Bikes, and Utter Tomfoolery

Halloween in summer. That's a good way to describe the Tour de Fat, and it'll be back in Boise again this year. Don't miss it.

The Great Polar Bear Challenge - More Shrinkage Than George Costanza

People do some crazy things for charity, but jumping in Lucky Peak Lake on New Year's Day is easily one of the craziest.

Winter Garden aGlow - Keeping Idaho Power in Business

Take a little trip to the Idaho Botanical Garden and get in the Christmas spirit. You'll have as much fun as a person can have without shooting your eye out.

Hyde Park Street Fair - I Hope You Like Tie-Dye

If summer's almost over, it's time for the North End to put the hip in hippies.

Greek Food Festival - Try Things the Greek Way

This festival proves that the Greeks gave us a lot more than the 300 Spartans, the toga party, and national bankruptcy.

Eagle Island Experience - A Good Ol' Hippie Jam Fest

If you missed the late 60's and want to see what it was like, this is a great opportunity. They supply everything except the grass, but I bet you can find a little bit of that close by...