Snapshots of Boise

Boise in Neon - A Different Kind of Red Light District

Take a drive around town after dark and you're bound to see all kinds of neat things, including the neon glow of various signs. Here's my ongoing collection of some of the more interesting neon signs in Boise.

Burger Sign at the Golden Wheel Drive-In

Gotta love this place. It's old school, and it has the neon to prove it.

Old Phonograph at The Record Exchange

Although this business has a great record of annoying me to no end with dumb commercials (particularly ones that feature bad English accents), this sign on the outside of the building features enough visual appeal to make me forget bad advertising.

Pink Fedora at the Cabana Inn

Nothing says Boise, Idaho more than a Latin-themed motel. It's where Barry Manilow would stay if he visited here and wasn't penniless.

Fanci Freez Sign

Just seeing this sign makes me want a chocolate ice cream cone. And a burger. And a shake. And some fries, I guess.

Treat Sign at Goody's

This sign is like a beacon for folks wandering around Hyde Park. It's irresistible, especially when you also need/want a box of chocolates, which is about 99% of the time, I reckon.

The State Motel Sign

The just don't make shady and/or seedy motels with hourly rates like they used to, which means signs like this are a rarity now. Sadly, I think this sign stopped working not too long after I took the photograph, which is a dirty shame.

Ranch Club Sign

You might notice the big white horse first, but the sign is just as cool. Bonus points if you can name the Clint Eastwood movie in which this sign appeared.

Smoky Davis Sign

This is a popular neon photo subject, because it's a prominent sign on a major Boise street. I'd venture to say not many folks have actually eaten any of the smoked meat products available within, which is a shame; they're delicious.

Winged Pizza at the Flying Pie Pizzeria

Yep, they've got tasty pizza pies, but what's more interesting about this place is that every day they have a featured first name, and if that's your name, you get to step into the kitchen and make your own pizza for free. But don't get too excited. Unless your name is Wolfgang, Skylar, or some other uncommon moniker, the featured name on the marquee ain't gonna be yours.

Bowling Ball and Pin at 20th Century Lanes

Despite whether you think any activity that you can eat and drink while doing is a sport, you gotta like the sign. The Dude definitely abides.

Flaming Hot Torch

The Torch is famous in these parts for inventing finger steaks back in the late 50s, which gives me a chuckle every time I think about its current business model.