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Rocky Mountain Oyster Feed - Nuttin' But a Good Time

If you'll believe the folks down at the Eagle Fire Department, their annual Rocky Mountain Oyster Feed is the largest in the world. How do I know that? Well, they print those very words on the ticket to the event, and if it's in print it must be a fact, right? And besides, firefighters don't seem like the kind of people who would lie about such a thing. So what's it take to have the world's largest Rocky Mountain oyster feed? I have no idea, and none of the fine gentlemen I've talked to who serve the namesake delicacy seem to know either. So I'm not really sure if they make their claim based on the number of testicles served, pounds of breading used, number of tickets sold, or the number of local debutantes who get the vapors at the mere mention of a bull's unmentionables. Perhaps someday I'll find out for you.

Still going strong after fifty years, the "Nut Feed", as it's affectionately known to festival veterans, never fails to draw in the crowds, and not just for the novelty of eating a bull ball or two. Nope, the fact is, them rocky mountain oysters are pretty darn good. They're sliced, coated in a variety of differently-flavored breading (such as Cajun, beer, lemon pepper, Polish, etc.), and then they're tossed on the grill, sometimes with onions and peppers. Take it from someone who's had plenty: they're better than you think. I guarantee it.

Your $20 ticket ($15 in advance) gets you all you can eat, plus three cans of beer. It used to be unlimited beers, but one year not too long ago the party got a little too lively over at the livestock pens near the rodeo when the sun went down, so they were forced to reconsider being so generous with the suds. Not to fear, however, because with the live band and the jovial atmosphere, everyone still has a good time, and if you just have to have more beer you can always buy one for three bucks. Whatever you end up spending, you're sure to feel good about yourself too; all the proceeds go to the Eagle Fire Department. My ugly wife loves to imagine the festival proceeds contributing to more weightlifting equipment at the firehouse, which, as she says, would ultimately result in the firemen getting more hunky than they already are. Whatever.

If you just can't bring yourself to enjoy the testicular goodness, they have hamburgers, baked potatoes, toast, and green salad that'll keep you from starving. But be prepared to be mocked by your friends, the cowboys behind you, and the biker chicks that you're sharing the table with. After all, it takes some to eat some.

Something I've noticed over the years is that nothing brings out buckaroos and bare midriffs like bull testicles. You can't shake a stick at the Nut Feed without bumping into the telltale hats of local cowpokes on leave, and most of the time they're just sitting around drinking Miller Light and gawking at all the bare white unfortunately exposed flesh. Some folks say such behavior signals the start of mating season in Idaho, but I still think the real start of the rut is the Western Idaho Fair.

A word of advice: get to the Nut Feed early or be prepared to wait in long food and beer lines. After things get going, the line seems to stretch all the way back to Horseshoe Bend. Also, the number of tables is limited, so if you want to get a good table in the shade, stake out your territory right after the gate opens at 5pm.

Event: Rocky Mountain Oyster Feed (part of Eagle Fun Days)
Where: Merril Community Park, Eagle
When: July 13, 2013
Live Band: The Crazy Joe Polka Band (I hope)
Cost: $20 for adults, $10 for kids
Website: Eagle Fire Department
Fun Fact: As you're standing in line going from grill to grill, make sure you let them know it's your first time. They have a special salute for you.
Why I love it: Isn't it obvious? If you need more convincing, just look at this: