Is Boise, Idaho the center of the universe? Probably. This is a tour of the last best place as seen through the eyes of a semi-reliable narrator. If you live here, maybe it'll encourage you to get out and explore your back yard. If you're thinking about passing through these here parts, maybe it'll convince you to stay awhile and spend some money so we can afford to pay for our governor's dapper wardrobe of cowboy hats and bolo ties. Cheers!

Recently Added or Updated Articles:

Paddle Boats in Julia Davis Park - You Won't Get Sold Down the River

If you want to go for this boat ride you'll have to work for it. But don't worry; it's just like riding a bike.

Boise in Neon - A Different Kind of Red Light District

Take a drive around town after dark and you're bound to see all kinds of neat things, including the neon glow of various signs. Here's my ongoing collection of some of the more interesting neon signs in Boise.

Boise Fry Company - Duck Fat Completes Me

If you're the kind of person who gets a hankerin' for fries, get your fry-loving keister down to the BFC. Good sense demands it.

Ice Blocking Down Simplot Hill - Slip and Slide at J.R.'s Place

If your butt will fit on a block of ice, there's good fun waiting for you at the greenest hill in town.

Rocky Mountain Oyster Feed - Nuttin' But a Good Time

Come on, live a little! They're actually really tasty and high in Vitamin C, so you won't get scurvy.

Live Horse Racing at Les Bois Park - Ten Furlongs of Fun

If you've got some cash in your pocket and you feel a lucky streak a-comin', the ponies are waiting for you. A few well-placed bets and they just might start calling you The Colonel.